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Import X,Y,Z points

Hello GM users,

I have CSV files with X,Y,Z values. X,Y are in DDDMM.SS format and Z is a value representing air quality. I have 250k points for 2x2 km area.
I can, if needed, rework the CSV file to another text format.

I need to represent the Z values as color dots on the map, with a predefined color scale.
I tried various bits of solutions found on this forum without much success.

What would be the best way to achieve that ?



  • As often, I found a solution right after asking the question !
    So, in case someone is looking for the answer :
    You must have a file with right format, e.g. :

    Import the file using "open generic text file", select right coordinate order and forma, check "treat 3rd coordinate value as elevation", press OK
    Export > Export Vector / Lidar Format, select Lidar LAS file.

    Reimport the LAS file. You should have a nice set of color dots.
    And if you want to change to color scale, go to tools -> configure -> shader options and define the shader you want.
    You can then apply you new shader by selecting it from the dropdown menu at the top right of your screen.



  • BillB
    BillB Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Alex, thank you for sharing.  Even if somebody does not have the precise same requirements, that approach provides another way of visualising a terrain.  Just had a quick go on one of our projects and it converts the nodes of a terrain or of contours into points - useful :)
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