Global Mapper v25.0

3D view not displaying coincident linework correctly (offset linework issues)

When looking in plan view on desktop of GM, my linework is coincident and on top of the other linework.
These are discrete shapes with height values. These were placed in CAD.

When I display, fill as solid and use elevation relative to ground (UAV derived surface DSM) the shapes sit offset from eachother and not on top like in top view.

Any help appreciated to fix this.
I am performing building clash detection and wish to visualise for a client with the intended design shown within a scoped extents box it is allowed to fit into.

GM Version 19.1



  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    I suggest that you contact Blue Marble Support directly via email ( to address this. Please include a detailed description of your work flow, and data (CAD and DSM) that will reproduce the problem.

  • Installing V20 to see if that fixes it first then will email. Cheers mate.