Georges MajerusGeorges Majerus Global Mapper UserPosts: 5
I have loaded a Workspace of Aerial Images 2817 tiles in GM and they lign up neatly. I am now trying to export that to an MBtiles format for use on a tablet. The export takes very long obviously but does conclude. However when I load the MBtiles file it looks like all pieces have been mixed up. The shape of the country is roughly correct but all aerial images are somewhat mixed. I have tried different levels and options but the result is always the same. Do you have any Idea what I might be doing wrong. 


  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 446Trusted User
    Hello Georges,
    How are you loading the file for viewing?  It sounds like row/column order may be displayed as column/row order.

  • Georges MajerusGeorges Majerus Global Mapper User Posts: 5
    Hi, I was able to load the MBtiles into the final destination on a tablet and there it shows correctly and not mixed up. The only issue I am now facing is the fact that my original images where georeferenced in local datum. I was told that in order to create a successful MBtile the initial Datum must be WGS84.

    Still trying... not giving up :)
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