Path profile style upgrade

We recently had the need of exporting many cut sections of a large civil work area and we used a combination of GM and other software to do it because GM profiles where not enough when unmodified. 
So, we would like to ask you if it's possible to improve the style of them so we don't have to modify them after exporting.
The main points to make this possible would be:
1) Put some kind of label that shows the start and end of the line, both on the section line and in the normal top view.
2) Show the name of the lines or areas intersecting the section line.
3) In case there are two lines, make it possible to choose two colors and make areas of those colors for CUT and FILL places.
4) Make it possible to choose a fixed start and end of the axis in the section cut view.
If these were possible we could speed up this process a lot, so please consider it.

On another subject but still related; when creating a flattened area from an area feature, it would be helpful to be able to choose the sampling of the created mesh. Now it uses the resolution of the underlying mesh and so it looses details if the mesh is rough.

Best regards and thanks in advance for your consideration.


  • MicheleMichele Posts: 45
  • JeffH@BMGJeffH@BMG Global Mapper Developer Posts: 322Trusted User
    Hi Michele,

    I would suggest that you contact Blue Marble Support directly at, so that you can give us a more complete description of what you are requesting including workflows and expected results.

    Thanks, and best regards,

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