Is there a QC function to analyse height errors between a raster DSM and control point x,y,z layer?


I've been using Global Mapper for years now and it's great to analyzing the error between a Digital Surface Model (DSM) and known control points for our aerial drone data.
There is a great tool within the LiDAR module where you can compare a pint cloud and another text layer.
this gives a vertical error between the two and is great for accuracy analysis of a terrain layer, however this requires the DSM to be exported as a .las point cloud and then re-imported to run the QC function.

Is there a way (inside Global Mapper) to run the same kind of analysis between a bunch of x,y,z control points and the DSM layer that would be a .geoTIFF raster layer?

it would be great to run a compare points to terrain tool which delivered the same error report that the LiDAR QC function gives.
if i want to do this currently i need to export the points as a .csv and run a stats report in Excel.


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