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I am trying to evaluate slope by creating arrows through the quiver plot. I am following the process of creating an array of grid points using the grid-tool within a known area and then assign-terrain information. Then, using the feature information tool I look at feature information. The problem is I only get elevation information and not slope and slope direction information as well. I need this to carry out the quiver-plot action so I can generate the arrows for the slope analysis. I have attached two images, one which shows all three pieces of info ( elevation, slope, and slope direction ) and the other which is mine only showing elevation. what am I doing wrong or missing? Thanks.....

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  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,002
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    It looks like you need to calculate elevation and slope statistics for your point features.  Here is how:

    1. Select all of your point features in the Digitizer
    2. Right-click and choose Analysis/Measurement | Calculate Elevation/Slope Stats for Selected Feature(s)



  • curvescurves Posts: 12

    You are a hero Bob , thankyou....hours of troublesome web searching, and trial and error, now I have it.
    Long-live the global mapper forum :)  
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