Global Mapper v25.0

Edit lidar points from 3d viewer


It would be very useful if there was a way to interactively change the classification of lidar points through the 3d viewer. As it is now it's possible to select a single point through the viewer with the digitizer but I'd like the ability to classify multiple points at once without the need to select the points. Currently in digitizer mode a circular cursor with crosshair gets displayed. I'd like to be able to move that cursor around and by clicking or holding and panning, all points that fall within the cursor would get classified as desired.

That would be the most desired functionality for this feature but a secondary way I'd like to be able to classify lidar points would be through the path profile or similar window. There I'd like to be able to draw a box around the points I want to classify and also move the profile up/down/left/right. These would be very handy additions for the lidar module as selecting only the needed points to reclassify in the 2d map view is difficult. The 3d view gives much better context of the surrounding points when trying to manually (re)classify lidar points.