How to make attributes remain when a feature is deleted.

I am a forester and for any given stand of timber I would like to record lots of data associated with it, like age, chemical usage, growth increments, location, etc.  I am able to load in a couple of features that have all of these attributes available already, but when I paste my area features into the existing layer and delete the unwanted original features the long list of attributes disappears with them.  Some attributes don't even contain data, they are blank, but all leave except the attributes of the feature I pasted in had.  How can I create a feature, or feature type or class, that has all of those attributes so I can just make a new area feature and select that type and it has all of the spaces to fill in when they become available?  Thank you.

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  • Thanks Jeff.  Yes, I am trying to self-educate on how to create a feature template from scratch so that I can select it every time I draw a polygon and it will have all of the blank attributes ready to fill as info becomes available.  I was hoping to not have to start I new one from scratch, but it will be worth it.
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