NOAA BAG hillshade bathymetry data

krabillkrabill Global Mapper UserPosts: 5
I have been after this for a while.  My goal is to get some of the hillshades bathymetry from NOAA and convert it to a shapefile (then I will use Insight map creater to convert it to a .at5 file for import into a lowrance machine)  The newly released coastal bathymetry data is very nice.

What would be great is to add the data source to GM's online database of imagery.  It uses a tiles arcgis service i beileve.  but I use it in google earth all the time.  Link to the different formats for the image service here. 

The second method I tried is to download the raw .BAG data and import it to GM.  This worked, I was able to actually create a shapefile, but it was huge for the area I wanted and it had no zoom levels?  Here is an example of a set of the raw .bag data that does import to GM

Any tips to help me create a shapefile (or at5) from this data with zoom levels ??

Thank so much
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