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I am unable to export World Imagery from anywhere in the world. I get the overview of the region but the software seems to hang at the start of exporting


  • The software doesn't advance beyond "Finding optimum palette"

  • BillBBillB Global Mapper User Posts: 119Trusted User
  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 1,971

    You will need to provide more information, such as:
    • Global Mapper version information
    • Screen capture of the options you used to connect to the World Imagery
    • Screen capture of the options you used to export the data
    When exporting data from an online data source, it is easy to accidentally try to export the entire data set, which would take a very long time in most cases. An easy way to avoid this is to select the option to "Restrict Source to Selected Bounds" when connecting to the online data source.

  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 442Trusted User
    As Bob mentioned, restricting your IMPORT to selected bounds will give you a more manageable dataset. 

    In addition, pay attention to your EXPORT parameters.  You can export to the limits of what is shown on screen, OR you can export to the limits of selected areas. 

    Also note the RESOLUTION of your export.  By default, the maximum available resolution will be shown, and this is often much more detailed than you may need.  Test your area coverage with a very low resolution (large number of meters per pixel), then change the resolution for more detail until your results are acceptable. 

    I often export very large files that are intended for off-line use in a mobile application, where the area being displayed is very small where the detail is required.  Depending upon the source data such as topo maps, a file may wind up being one Gb in size, for example.  Another file may include specialty topo maps and/or imagery and require a higher resolution, and the file quickly increases in size to three Gb.  Much more time is needed to create the larger file. 

    So, choose carefully to balance your needs with the time that you have available.  I wound up with a new, much more capable computer to handle my data, but for many people that's cheating!. 

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