How do I add a local mine grid projection to Global Mapper?

The local mine grid has been surveyed and has survey control points in both local grid feet and State Plane NAD83 US survey feet coordinates.  I successfully added the local mine grid projection to ArcGIS V10.6.  My goal is to transform local grid 3d dxf files in Global Mapper to State Plane for use in 3d modelling software.


  • sphillipssphillips Posts: 103
    You should just be able to setup the GM workspace in State Plane and then import the DXF meshes into it. When it prompts for the projection just use the 'load from file' option and browse to the mine grid PRJ you created in ArcMap.

    I working for a mining consultancy and we have tried to setup local grids without success so I'll be keen to learn how you generated the mine grid PRJ with ArcMap. Usually the mine grids we come across are based on an existing coordinate system but shifted in the X and Y to bring it closer to the 0,0 origin. I have come across some that are rotated and I usually have to use common reference points to establish the rotation and shift in AutoCAD.
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