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change area vertices from mercator to geographic

I've loaded in a shapefile of the coastlines of the world (where the central meridian is at 180), but I need to extract data from Fiji - half of the country has a longitude of about 179 W, the other half has a longitude of about 170 E, so there are some problems with it crossing the meridian. (This would be solved if there were a shapefile online where the central meridian is at 0, but I can't find one.)

After going into the settings (Tools > Configure > Projection) and changing the central meridian to 180, the projection looks fine and I can make an area feature. But when I make it, the vertices are in mercator coordinates, and I want to export the area feature in geographic coordinates. 

Making area features on either side of the central meridian gives me vertices that are in geographic coords, but right when I cross the meridian, the vertices are mercator values. Is there a way to make an area feature crossing the meridian while keeping geographic coords?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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