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Styling based on Values

mtm815 Global Mapper UserTrusted User
Can I style based on multiple attributes?


  Attribute        Value
Foreclosed     Yes/No
City Limits      Yes/No

I want to style all houses within the city limits with a green star, all the houses outside the city limits with a orange star, and all of the foreclosed houses with a empty square (show the star shows underneath).

Is this possible?
Will I need to combine both attributes into one?



  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    Hi Michael,

    We have an open feature request for the ability to define feature styles based on multiple attributes.  At the moment, it is not scheduled for implementation, but I have added your information to the ticket. We are in the process of evaluating functionality requested by users for inclusion in the next release, and having more users request a feature helps to increase its priority. 

    In the meantime, as you suggest, you will need to combine both attributes into one. You can do this using the Attribute Calculator. Use a Formula Calculation with the concat function. For example, if you want to combine ATTR1 and ATTR2, the function would look like this:
    If you want to put a delimiter between the values, such as a comma, use:
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