Hi there. I need to view the details of a geotagged image. After opening the image in GM, the little camera picture appears and I can easily get the GPS Coordinates. However, is there a way to show the direction of which the picture was taken? Thanks. 


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    Hi Nakela
    Your question would be of interest to anybody taking photos and using them with GM, so I had a look at what was possible.

    The first issue is whether the photo itself contains position and direction data, which can be used by the software.  Capturing the position whilst taking the photo is fairly common.  Capturing direction less so.  I Googled "camera photo direction" and found a few devices (iPhone plus some specialist equipment) that does this.  The camera needs to have a magnetic compass on board.

    Alternatively, direction (and position) data can be added after the photo is taken, using software like Geosetter (on the PC).

    Any of these options should create, or fill, a field within the EXIF data of the photo called "Image Direction" or similar, expressed as 0-360 degrees from geographical north. 

    I found a photo from an old project where we had added direction data using Geosetter, after taking the photos. The photo, dragged into Global Mapper, will show the position, as you say, with the little camera icon.  If you right-click on the camera icon and select "Edit point feature" you get a properties dialog where, I my case, the 3rd feature attribute was IMAGE_DIR - which shows the direction (from the EXIF data) of 114.6 degrees.  You can see the same info in the Attribute Editor, below.

    I didn't notice straight away, but if you zoom in close enough to the camera icon, there is a little arrow to show the view direction, based on the IMAGE_DIR attribute.

    Hope that helps.  I recommend looking at Geosetter, as it may help you to get the direction info into your photos, if it is not created by the camera.

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