ATTR_REPLACE_STR and Variables

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This behavior was seen during v20 beta and is still present in v20 (b091918)

The remark indicates the purpose, and the calculated attribute itself is simply the test to see if using a variable is allowed.

The resulting value for the new attribute is the issue and subject of this thread:

Noting in particular, the value should have been:
NADIR_NAME=D:\Jobs\2016\1614 EHS\DJI photos\nometa\DJI_0028.txt
Any ideas as to what I need to do to fix this?

And on a somewhat related issue, what significance or reason might there be in mixing slash mark directions; i.e., forward/ \backward?


  • kbelliskbellis Global Mapper User Posts: 518Trusted User
    Apparently, this issue is related to the name of the directory beginning with the letter 'n', as in nometa. When the folder backslash precedes the n, the result is misunderstood as being a newline; i.e., \n

    The workaround for this issue until it's fixed, will be to name the directory beginning with any legal character other than n; e.g., _nometa, etc.

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