Has Global Mapper development ceased? Any alternatives?

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Ever since BMG has "acquired" what was a wonderful swiss knife with reactive support and frequent improvement/fixes, it appears that development has stalled or came to a halt. No new release in ~18 months, and some long standing issues left unaddressed (e.g. still no fix for the broken JP2/INSPIRE compliance after 2 years, although it was perfectly working in Global Mapper 17 and 18!).

I remember when "Mike" would issue efficient fixes or workarounds within days - if not hours - following a detailed bug report posted on a forum. Now it seems we would have to deal with slow, contorted email exchange with various non-tech-savvy guys from a bland company. Too bad.

Besides the obvious QGIS solution, what would be alternatives to GM (offering roughly similar functions, similarly-priced, and most importantly under active development)?


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    I know what you mean by your question about development progress.  Before GM was sold to Blue Marble there was a sense that its development was highly responsive.  We often used to joke that Mike was our "private GIS developer" - a requested feature or bug identification was often resolved in a matter of days.  However, it has to be said that such service was almost unique in software development and we often wondered how sustainable it was for Mike as an individual.  As he sold the product, no doubt he had been wondering the same himself.  So whilst it would be lovely to return to that level of service, it is hardly the norm, nor is it likely to be a viable model, except in the early years of start-ups.

    Having said that, there is quite a list of reported issues and feature requests which don't appear to be being acted upon, and that is frustrating.  But "no development / no new release in 18 months" is a little unfair.  You must be aware that V20 is due shortly, so clearly there is a lot of background development that we don't see until the new release is issued.

    As for an alternative with 'similar functions and similarly priced' - I really doubt it.  GM still gets my (approx) £200/license/year simply because there is nothing else like it, at least not that I have come across.

    Good luck in your search, but I take the view that we have to accept GM for what it is now, not what it used to be.  That still puts it head and shoulders above the competition, in terms of price and feature set.
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    HI Geologis

    While I understand your disappointment in the way that Mike's incredible speed of issuing fixes/reatures has diminished, I have to agree with everything that BIllB has said. GM is an even better product than it was BlueMarble took it on, and there is nothing close in functionallity for the price,
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    I can only offer some information and hope you will continue to see the value in sticking with us.  18 months before today was March 19th, 2017.  Since then we have released Global Mapper 18.2 in April 2017, Global Mapper Mobile for Android (May 2017), Global Mapper 19.0 (September 2017), and Global Mapper 19.1 (February 2018).  Just last night we rolled out Global Mapper 20.  Each of these releases had a large list of updates which you can browse in the Knowledge Base for all releases.  Beyond that, we roll out an updated Daily Build every single day based on requests and bug reports, much like the old days, with the difference being there's a lot more included in these builds than before and they clear a testing process before going out every day.  

    Our support team supports users around the globe, spanning practically every industry.  We work to support the diaspora of users that come to us despite the simple fact that it is impossible for us to be experts in all fields.  We do have experts in a number of fields, and we strive to improve our knowledge and expertise every day.   If you have concerns about any interactions you have had with our team, I would encourage you to bring those to us at feedback@bluemarblegeo.com or reach out to me directly.  We can assess the response and look for ways to improve for the future.  We exist for our users, and we feel that we provide an excellent value in the GIS world.  I hope you will continue to agree.

    Best Regards,
    Sam Knight
    Director of Product Management
    Blue Marble Geographics

  • Yea, I'm not seeing what the original poster is seeing.  

    I started using GM around version 16 and I've seen a lot of new features added.  I have a couple requests in the que as well, but I definitely don't think that Blue Marble has abandoned the software or anywhere close to it. 
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