Has Global Mapper Crashed?

I'm processing my first pixels to points project. (By processing I mean generating a point cloud, Orthoimage and Mesh)

I know my computer is slow. 

I started the job at about 10AM local time and and lots of things were happening in the "log" window. The green bar began moving as the different processes occurred, A numeric indicator in the window header was showing % complete. Most of all I noticed an "Estimated Finish" time. At one point, the estimated finish time was Sept 9 at 8PM. That's right, TWO day into the future. As the different process began to run the time fluctuated up and down, finally levelizing around 12:45PM today as the estimated finish time. 

At 11:06:36 the log window indicated:

 11:06:36 [APP          ] Delaunay Tetrahedras weighting completed: 25263479 cells, 50526958 faces (10m50s309ms)

It is now 12:41 PM local time and the above line is still the last line in the log window. The green Bar doesn't appear to have moved although it is still indicates action ( a yellow band moving left to right across green) the indicator in the window header still indicates 50%.

The only visible sign of life is the Estimated finish indicator which currently reads:

[Estimated Finish: Fri 16:43]

And is steadily rising.

Has the program crashed?


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