How to calculate an averaged value for all attributes?

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Using the Search Vector Data query tool, statistical data is just a click or two away, but is it possible to script the calculations to wring out; for example, the mean?

I'm guessing that an additive operator could loop through all features for the attribute; e.g., GROUND_SAMPLE_DISTANCE, and arrive at the sum, but I'm not sure how to come up with divisor, or if this type of attribute looping is even allowed; e.g.,

The following is certainly wrong, but kind of sketches out the general idea:

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    At the moment, there is no way to iterate through the features and get an attribute value from each one in a script. We have discussed adding some statistical functions, such as mean, mode, median, standard deviation, etc. to the Attribute Calculator, but we have not moved past the discussion stage.



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