Global Mapper v25.0

Elevation gain and loss

Total sum of the gain in elevation for all sections that rise in elevation traveling from beginning to end. (Global mapper explanation) Does anyone know how to get this?? I have a path length 1.700m and this is profile. Is it possible that Gain is only 60.05m and Loss 33.58m?

4.JPG 34.5K
5.JPG 88.2K


  • Is there any global mapper developer?
  • Who is Administrator of this forum? Do you have enough experts who can give answers to questions?

    There is no point in asking questions.

  • JanetL
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    Hello Nagib,

    You can reach us for official support at  In your email, if you can send the elevation grid that you're working with along with the vector line you have this will allow our team to look further into this.