Is it possible to define an export template?

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Many types of surveying softwares offer the user the flexibility to design their own templates for exporting surveying data. We're talking about fairly simple txt files with fixed bits of text as well as variables, in various ordering schema and with assignable extension names.

Here's a couple examples from some older GPS processing softwares:

Using Global Mapper, either the main GUI or through scripting, is it possible to define an export template?

From a scripting perspective, and in particular, I was thinking it might involve
But going on from there, I wasn't sure if the targeted objective of creating a .gcp file from selected attributes was even possible.

Conceptually, the gcp template looks like this:

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    I've created Bug 25177 for defining a template for the export of point text files. It shouldn't be too hard to add, especially from a script.


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,002

    Global Mapper saves GCP files in various scenarios (rectification, raster export, etc.) but there is no generalized GCP export functionality.

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    Thank you for the reply Bob.

    I'm still not clear from your response whether or not it Is possible to define an ASCII export template, irrespective of extension; e.g., csv, txt, etc.?

    Such functionality, should Global Mapper not currently be able to export using a defined template created by the user, ought to be considered as not all fields are always wanted. Being able to choose selected attributes and in a given order would seem advantageous in many scenarios, and further, the option to export individual files for individual features likewise would have wide benefits beyond this limited example of a .gcp file.

    Just to be clear, the intent of these simple text files (created using OpenOffice) allow the UAV raster images, once stripped of their metadata, to be automatically and spatially placed, rotated and scaled in order to cobble together the Nadir Collage(TM).

    In the above example from a project in western Maine, the rectangle in cyan tones was the limits of what Pixels to Points was able to figure out with the actual point cloud footprint (inside the bluish rectangle) being about 17% of the collective UAV image footprint.

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    I second Kelly's suggestion.  Having an export template file would save my need to regularly import text files into a spreadsheet and rearrange to match a format required by other applications. 
    Thanks Kelly and Bob.
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    Thanks Mike!

    Please give a heads up when defining an export template is ready for testing.

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