Recommendations on my draft script

Dave_in_EdmontonDave_in_Edmonton Global Mapper UserPosts: 43Trusted User
Hi, I have created a script that  reads several kml files, cleans up the attributes, adds some new attributes, and saves the resulting collection as a shapefile in a new folder. It also creates buffers around those points that need it based on one of the attributes.  Since I am new to the scripting, I was hoping someone can review the script and see if there is a cleaner way to do this.  Also I have not found a way to script  the task of deleting duplicates (ie, one of the duplicates only, base on the "file" attribute), perhaps someone can educate me on this.  I use this script weekly to assess the collection of points against a collection of polygons. 
I have attached a copy of the script, along with a copy of the source kmls and copy of the results after I have gone in and cleaned them up a bit.  If anyone can suggest improvements to the script I would be grateful.
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