Raster calculation on NIR images from Sentera single NDVI camera


I have succesfully created an orthomosaic from a set of images produced by the Sentera single NDVI camera that appear as grey and reddish and would like to transform in typical NDVI colors.

What is the workflow with the raster calculator in Global Mapper ? What formula should I use ?

Thank you

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  • camreoncamreon Posts: 4
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    You need a NIR and Red image to make NDVI. The formula is in the forumal tab of raster calculator. Once the NDVI image is made then there should be a shader option, by right clicking your NDVI iamge going to options >display near the bootm that could change your image to the NDVI shader option. If you are not pleased with the colours you will have to create your own custom shader for your image. 


  • GDCGDC Posts: 2
    Thank you. I have solved the issue as I have been provided by Sentera aith a document that explains how the NIR and Red band are represented in their images from the Sentera single sensor.
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