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CADRG Zone 9 Ellsmere island

Hello, I just finished a request to generate CADRG for Ellesmere island (northern Canada) and I've discovered that Global mapper is unable to convert data into CADRG correctly if it is north of 80°.  I'm able to generate CADRG below 80°N but not above it.  When I do generate the CADRG using data that is north of 80° GM will then put the same data below 80° and into ARC zone 8 and needs to be in ARC Zone 9.   I re-projected my data into ARC Projection Zone 9 (CADRG north of 80° needs to bea an Azimuthal Equidistant projection) using Erdas and it would display fine in GM but once converted to CADRG using GM the data would be placed below 80°.  I ended up having to use Erdas for my job but it had some issues too.  It would be great if this could be fixed for the next GM release. 


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