Change raster values with point data

Hello Guys

I wanted to ask if someone could help me with the following task:

- I have a raster with elevation values
- I have a vector dataset with several points at different location that contain a new elevation value

Now i want to change the pixels at the location of the point data with the elevation stored in the point dataset. Additionally, if there are more than one point in in one raster pixel i would like to overwrite the raster with the highest value.

Is this possible to do in Global Mapper?

Thanks for a reply and cheers



  • sfffsfff Posts: 2
    Could anybody answer me the question if it is possible to change DEM values at several points with an elevation attribute?
  • 946946 Global Mapper User Posts: 130Trusted User
    I would do like this:
    Create Create Point Features at Elevation Cell Centers.
    Create small buffer around the points from your vector data.
    Select and delete points inside the buffer from the created point features.
    Select the vector layer and the created points layer and triangulate in a new grid.
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