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Feature request: Include Vertical/Z-axis in the "SHIFT - Shift (offset) selected features"


  • TRB426
    TRB426 Global Mapper User
    Example:  I created some breaklines from a point cloud.  Then I found I needed to shift the elevation of the point cloud (down by 0.1 ft), which is easily done by Right-clicking on the Layer name and selecting the tab "Alter Elevation. Values" and entering the shift value into the "Offset" field:

    But now my breaklines are still at the old, wrong elevation. The "Options" dialog Box for that layer does not have the "Alter Elevations" tab, so no way to shift them there.  I tried selecting all of my breaklines and right-clicking, selecting <Move/Reshape Feature(s)> <SHIFT - Shift(Offset) Selected Features>
    But as you can see in the above screen capture, there is no vertical/elevation/Z offset available.  
    I got it done by exporting the breaklines as 3D polylines to an AutCAD drawing, executing the MOVE command and moving the lines with a displacement of 0,0,-0.1 but it seems to me that there has to be an easier way within GM.

  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    Hello Tim,

    We have an existing feature request (16087) to support shifting feature elevations on the SHIFT function dialog, and I have added your information to that request. At the moment, it is not scheduled for implementation, but having multiple users asking for the function will increase its priority.

    In the meantime, to modify elevation values in Global Mapper, you can
    • Select the feature in the Digitizer
    • Right-click and choose Edit Line Feature
    • On the Modify Feature Info window, click the Vertices... button
    • On the Feature Vertex List, select the vertices that you want to change (presumably all of them)
    • Right-click on the list and choose Apply an Offset to the Selected Elevations
    • On the Specify Offset window, type the amount you want to change the elevations by.
    • Click OK as needed to save the results
  • TRB426
    TRB426 Global Mapper User
    Hi Bob, 
    That sounds like a reasonable method, as long there aren't too many line to adjust.  I'll give it a try.
  • 946
    946 Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Also you could try this:

    Create a high resolution surface from your break-lines  with the slider to the left in order to have less interpolation.
    Alter elevation to that surface and after apply elevation from that to your break-lines.
  • I found this thread as I was looking to do the same thing with a DEM in TIF format.

    My work-around was to use the "create points features at elevation grid cell centers" and then shift the resulting points. Then create a new surface from the points.

  • Ron, you can apply a shift to that DEM tif directly.

    If I apply a shift to an elevation grid like this, I like to export it out and then bring the file back in. I've had some weird stuff happen when I just leave the offset in there and close, then re-open the project at a later date.

  • That is WAY easier! Thanks.

  • Welcome!

    That QAQC I told you about last week is how I calculate the Z-shift I input here.