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how can I open ERDAS IMG files as rasters not DEMs?

I drag Imagine IMG files into GM, or use the file open command, and any IMG files with floating point bit depth I try to open are automatically opened as DEMs and I can't find a way to open them as simple rasters.  I'm prompted when the bit depthis signed 8 bit for example, why not when its floating?  We use Imagine, ArcMap and now Globalmapper and the first two won't play nice, if one is used to create the file it won't display properly in the other or will fail some other process like exporting or natively displaying properly.  I was hoping I could use Globalmapper to write these files to an ECW or do other tasks.


  • eking
    eking Global Mapper User
    You should be able to open and display them in GM and then export as a ECW image format or any other, I do this all the time.
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