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3D Navigation - Pivot Point

Good Morning, 

I use Pix4d to produce point clouds, and the controls to navigate in the 3D space are very intuitive and functional.  The main feature that I like in Pix4d is that the Pan, zoom and especially the rotate function pivot around whatever point your mouse was hovering over when clicked.  

Here's an example - 3D Navigation in Pix4d

In global mapper, the rotate function seems to only pivot around the center of the model or the center of the current view.  Especially on large project sites, this is difficult to work with while digitizing features.  Here's an example of 3D navigation in Global Mapper's 3D view on a corridor project - 3D Navigation in Global Mapper

Would it be possible to add an option that lets pan/zoom/rotate pivot around the current mouse position?  



  • I just realized that the GM video captured the wrong screen...
  • imagecatcher
    imagecatcher Global Mapper User
    Same! I find moving around to get in close to a model next to impossible. Pix4d is so much easier. I thought I was missing something, like hold down ? key while click and move. But I cannot find any navigation instruction either.
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