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When using Layer > Split by <Feature Description> to break a DXF/DWG into its original layers, I am sometimes left with really long layer names. This is because GM prefixes the original Layer Description to the newly created layer names.


Layer Description  = LICENSE BOUNDARIES IN PROJECT AREA.dxf (Original file name)
<Feature Description> = 
Proposed Footprint (An example of a layer in dxf)



I can of course rename the Layer Description first but I have to use at least one character e.g. '-'. If I do this and then split I have '- - ' prefixed to my split layers.


- -  Proposed Footprint 

I believe that GM prefixes a '-' before the Layer Description and the Feature Description thus creating two hyphens.

Is there any way I can run a search and replace to remove the '- - '? Currently the only Attributes available to search and replace are <Feature Name> or ELEVATION.

Any ideas welcome. 


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  • JeffH@BMG
    JeffH@BMG Global Mapper Developer
    edited July 2018 Accepted Answer
    Hi Steve,

    You should be able to use the Attribute Calculator to do more complex search and replace operations. Load your data, and open up the Attribute Calculator (Layer / Calculate/Copy Attribute Values). Select <Layer Description> in the "Select Existing of Create New Attribute to Assign Calculated Values To:" dropdown. Then in the Box labeled "Enter Formula:", you can type in a formula that can be used to change the layer description. Something like the following should suffice:
    replace( <Layer Description>, "--", "" )
    When using the replace() function, be aware that the second argument to replace() is a regular expression, so you might want to read up on those if you need more advances replace options. But the sample above works to remove the double hyphens.




  • Thanks Jeff. I'll give a whirl!
  • JeffH@BMG
    JeffH@BMG Global Mapper Developer Trusted User
    You're welcome. Feel free to follow up with questions. Oh, and do be a little bit careful; there's no undo when you make changes to your attributes table using the attribute calculator. You do have a sample of what you'll see in the dialog, bit if you're in doubt, you can always test it out using a new attribute as a target.

  • I am currently using GM 20.0 (b102518) and have tried to follow your instructions but keep running into an error (see below). The status appears to be as I want it, but it just doesn't work when I run it. Can you see any obvious errors on my part as I know little to nothing about the Attribute Calculator?



    Global Mapper v20.0.1 (b102518) [64-bit]
    Exception processing dialog <Attribute Calculation Setup> command message 1 with code 0.
    feature.cpp - 3267
    Version: v20.0.1 (67) (64-bit)
    Build Time: Oct 25 2018 02:22:18
    Thread: Main UI Thread

    Stack Trace:

    0000000140733C03 (global_mapper)

    00000001407354E1 (global_mapper)

    0000000140B15C9E (global_mapper)

    0000000140B16DA2 (global_mapper)

    00000001403D8C83 (global_mapper)

    000000014073C767 (global_mapper)

    000000014073C7F2 (global_mapper)

    000000014108D4D5 (global_mapper)

    0000000140791142 (global_mapper)

    00007FFF97A68F38 (mfc140)

    00007FFF97A69245 (mfc140)

    00007FFF97A96A71 (mfc140)

    00000001404B0E8B (global_mapper)

    00007FFF97B298AE (mfc140)

    00007FFF978A615D (mfc140)

    ... (44 Additional Stack Items Hidden)

    Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit) Memory: 58,853,199,872 of 68,380,442,624 available, GDI Usage: 421 GDI (Peak 451), 179 User (Peak 186)

    Use Ctrl+V to Paste Error

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