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How Do i easily ADD extra contour lines into a data set?

I have a data set with rather poor contour lines 10 meters data I believe. I want to spit the contours and average in between them is there a good way to do this??

Basically need to interpolate extra contour lines... To create a smoother DEM.

Or whats the best way to smooth a rough dem to create contours??


  • Mykle
    Mykle Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Assuming that your contour lines have elevations assigned to them as an attribute, you can create an elevation grid from the contour lines.  Then you can generate contours at any interval you choose. 

    You won't be adding to the current contour lines, but replacing them as a separate layer. 

    Note that using contour lines to create an elevation grid is not going to improve your data, and it may be worse.  There are not many tools available to smooth your grid, or replace values at any nodes.  Generating contour lines can be challenging as well. 

    Ideally you have a dense elevation grid to start with, and can generate contours at an interval much greater than the resolution of your elevation grid.  High resolution LIDAR data are desirable and more readily available, but can be difficult to find for specific areas.