Identify terrain layers in Path Profile

Feature request:

Can we please have a key/legend/label or ability to use the Feature Info Tool to interrogate the coloured lines displayed in the Path Profile/Line of Sight window?

There have been many occasion in our office where we have needed to analyse terrain data in the Path Profile/Line of Sight window but been unable to distinguish between the coloured lines displayed that represent the various terrain layers.

So far I have looked through the documentation, looked at all the options, and I have asked on the forum (but had no reply) so I am guessing this is not possible? The only method I know is to turn on each layer one-by-one and note what lines appears; then repeat manually to try and understand what each of the coloured lines represent.



  • DraglineDragline Posts: 7
    A legend for the path profile tool would be very helpful. Please do implement this feature!
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