how to take the max quality from wms image

i want to download from wms the max pixel image quality in the selected croped you have any idea what are the options in png or geotiff


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    By default, the export will use the maximum available resolution.  This is NOT likely to be what you have displayed on your screen. 

    Also by default, the export will use the maximum available AREA. 

    Both settings can be viewed and changed in the export dialog for the format that you choose.  Resolution is on the first tab of the dialog, and area is on the last tab. 

  • i have global mapper v18 and i want to export a raster png or geotiff from a wms server 

    but when i go to "export bounds" and  select 
    "crop to selected area feature" even if put 0.03 pixels the image quality is not good.

    but when i select draw a box  the qulity is the 100% good.
    do you have any idea why this is happening .?
  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 448Trusted User
    Normally, the "crop to selected area feature" means that you need to "select" (use the digitizer tool to click on) a feature BEFORE performing your export.  The feature may be already existing, perhaps part of your work area.  Or, you can draw a temporary object to use during the export, then deleted (or a layer turned off) later.  

    When working with data that have been imported, it may be easier to export a larger area to a local file, then turn that layer(s) off, load the local file and export again using a feature selected for cropping. 

    Attempting to do several tasks at the same time can become complicated, so look for methods like this one to simplify parts of your workflow.  You may also have opportunities to check intermediate results for quality control purposes (is your export of a larger area at a suitable resolution)

  • ok ,thank you

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