Waypoint plotting to simulate movement

Would like to check if it is possible to do the following on GM:
1) set 2 or more waypoints on the map and assign a node to move between the waypoints?
2) if 1) is possible, can I export the coordinates of this "moving" node to a csv file
3) Can GM support more than 1 of this "moving" node? 


  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 442Trusted User
    Draw one or more lines through your waypoints, then export the line(s) to a csv or "simple ascii" file.

    If your waypoints have an attribute or name that can be sorted to an order that is useful, you won't need to define lines.  Export the waypoints to a csv file.  If you have more than one line, use a spreadsheet to edit the file and add a column and add a line label.  Ensure that the file is sorted by line, then by point name or coordinate.  Copy the spreadsheet or export to a text file.  If you import as lines rather than points, you can specify your line column to split the lines.  You can import the file a second time as points so the attributes will be included. 

    If these methods do not reflect what you mean by "node", please include more of a description about your intentions.

  • carlqcarlq Posts: 2
    Thanks, Mykle.

    Need some time to process the information.
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