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Drawing lines in 3D View

I am trying to draw lines in 3D view of various stratographic units in 3D imagery created with Pix4D.  I need to draw these lines while in 3d in order to see the details being delineated.  I understand that once in 3D view I click on the digitizer tool to select area then right click to draw the line.  The issue is that it keeps the whole area cross hatched from selecting, and it seems the line snaps to weird places, not the area I am trying to snap to.  Any help would be great.  This map contains 44 flights all loaded into GM, and I will need to delineate statographic and structural geology going from one flight to the next.
To summerize:
How do I draw lines in 3d without all the cross hatching from digitized tool
Why is it not snapping to where I draw?


  • As far as I'm aware you don't need to select an area with the Digitizer Tool before you start drawing your features. You can also toggle the snap tool with the 's' key as you're working if it's snapping to unwanted objects.
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