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Vertex Editing/Feature Vertex List - Pasting In Design Values


It would be absolutely AWESOME if we could paste design values into the Feature Vertex List when editing vertices. Let me give you an example...

I often use GM to do simple earthworks design of roads, berms, drains, channels etc. where I might create a vector line to be the centreline of the feature I am designing. Within the Feature Vertex List I can either "Update Elevations from Terrain" or "Add Elevs" manually either vertex by vertex or apply same elevation to all vertices. If I am designing a drain centreline at say 1.5% gradient then I need to manually enter design elevations for each vertex accordingly. This is fine where there are only a few vertices, but if you have a long, complicated centreline then it would be great if we could "Copy to Clipboard" as currently available, modify the design elevations in Excel say (easily done with simple formulae e.g. length x gradient etc.) and then PASTE back into Feature Vertex List!    

Please, please, please add this ability in future versions.




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  • Mykle
    Mykle Global Mapper User
    Accepted Answer
    Save your Excel data as a text file and import it into GM.  You will have a layer for each text file version.  I do this a lot to create / modify survey line grids. 
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