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I frequently use GM to prepare PowerPoint slides of sequential/stepwise development of projects. To do this I open the Windows Snipping Tool and manually drag a rectangle over my GM Work Area to create a "Rectangle Snip", manually picking top LH corner and dragging to bottom RH corner say. I then paste this into a pre-formatted figure title block in PowerPoint.

However, if I do this say 10 times to show 10 incremental time steps (varying what is displayed in GM Work Area window accordingly), it is almost impossible to manually select the exact same rectangle every time and so when you flick through your PowerPoint slides in sequence the image tends to drift or move around ever so slightly.

It would be brilliant if the GM Work Area could be selected using the "Window Snip" option within the Windows Snipping Tool and then the exact window would be automatically selected every time.



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  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 447
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    Create a rectangle to define your work area and save to a separate layer.  Set up your step, then right-click on your step-layer and zoom-to that layer.  Hide the step-layer if you need.  Snip and repeat. 
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