How to orientate export output so that there is minimal border area

Hello,  I need to create JPEGs from geotiffs but am running into issues with the orientation of the output.  I would like to be able to rotate the export so that as much of the area is captured with minimal transparency or border areas present.  Is this possible with GM?  For example, I have a 200 acre rectangle orientated along its length NW to SE.  I'd like to export it so that it fills the JPEG horizontally, not diagonally.  Any help is greatly appreciated. 


  • G'day adrMQ9.

    Not sure if this works for you, but what I do is rotate view in GM (using Rotate Map icon that looks like little paper plane) so that it is orientated the way I want on screen and then export raster as JPG using either "Draw Box" or "Crop to Selected Feature" options under Export Bounds tab. Works for me.



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