Generate fly through data crashes

Hi, I'm trying to make a fly through over a small area. Whenever I get to the Generate fly through data part of the process Global Mapper crashes. Can someone help please? Thanks, Nick


  • NickBurkeNickBurke Posts: 2

    This is the error message I'm getting:

    Unhandled exception processing command message 36864 with code 0.
    DlgFlyThroughPathEdit.cpp - 675
    Version: v16.1.4 (32-bit)
    Build Time: Apr 10 2015 18:01:22

    Stack Trace:
    0051428E (global_mapper)
    00889209 (global_mapper)
    00425E8F (global_mapper)
    576BC012 (mfc110)
    576BC218 (mfc110)
    576E39BE (mfc110)
    5773EC92 (mfc110)
    5773E3BE (mfc110)
    5773E339 (mfc110)
    5773C932 (mfc110)
    5773CB54 (mfc110)
    5763CACF (mfc110)
    75D977D8 (USER32)
    75D978CB (USER32)
    75D9F189 (USER32)
    ... (68 Additional Stack Items Hidden)

    Memory: 3,865,481,216 of 4,294,836,224 available, GDI Usage: 646 GDI (Peak 783), 98 User (Peak 143)

    I'm using a text file with XYZs as the ground model.

    Many thanks for any help,


  • PShoreyPShorey Global Mapper Developer Posts: 182Moderator, Trusted User

    There have been many changes to the fly-through code since v 16. At that time, the line number referenced in the error message above corresponds to a check of the average fly-through velocity done while calculating the elapsed flight time at each vertex. It appears that for some reason the ave velocity is not > 0 as expected. There is something questionable about the length of the line selected for fly-though, or the fly-through duration specified.

    You may wish to contact Blue Marble support via email ( for further assistance.
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