Plot point location using file name?

Sean BamptonSean Bampton Global Mapper UserPosts: 39Trusted User
I have a series of points I wish to plot and their lat/long is imbedded in the file name like this:


The last 10 digits are yymmddtttt and do not need to be plotted.

Is there a method within GM or a script that can be written to plot this filename and have the point NAME as the filename?


  • 946946 Global Mapper User Posts: 126Trusted User
    I would format like this:
    Replace `N1` with `N,1` and `W1` with `W,1` 
    You can open this as csv and delete the third column and than import to GM
  • Sean BamptonSean Bampton Global Mapper User Posts: 39Trusted User

    It's preferable to not have to edit the file name (there are 1200 individual files).

    The file name is 484237N1281839W1830051735.BTS and I would like to drag the file onto the GM work area and have it plotted (with the file name as the point name), or write a script that will import the file names as points with a single click to let the script run.

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