England and Scotland LiDAR data

geomanniegeomannie Global Mapper UserPosts: 191Trusted User
I was pleased to find that sources for UK LiDAR data have been added to GM. However, the sources are strictly for English LiDAR data only. Scottish LiDAR data are now available from separate WMS servers at from https://remotesensingdata.gov.scot/collections. Can these be added to the pre-defined data sources? I would also ask that you rename what is currently denoted as UK LiDAR data to English to avoid confusion.

I also have a question on opening the Scottish LiDAR data. If I download the tiles directly the geotiff files open as elevation models. If I open them from the WMS server, they open as images. Can GM be made to open these Scottish geotiffs as elevation or are the data formats wrong?

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