simple GIS script

Here is the psuedo of what i am trying to accomplish with GM scripting language

lidar points are WITHIN a polygon boundary

unclassify points


All points outside of polygon will be untouched. 

It seems this is such a simple task, but i cannot find a way to get it done in the GM scripting language. Does anybody know if this is possible to do? or how you would take on this problem?

I currently have 2 scripts written, but it is highly inneficient for 2200 lidar files. 
First script unclassifies the entire lidar file, exports only the cropped polygons. 
Second script removes all lidar points within the polygons
Third step, I need to manually export both the generated files from script 1 and script 2 into a final, finished file. As you can see, this is highly inneficient for 2200 files that this script needs to run on. The above psuedocode i wrote, to me, would get it done. But i just cant find a way in GM scripting to make what appears to be a simple task to work :( 

Thank you for the help

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