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GeoTIFF export tile size configuration

Hi, I'm trying to export an image to GeoTiff format using Global Mapper v19. I need to get a file in tile base-orientation with a small number of tiles (e.g 10 tiles). According to official documentation it is possible to change  the default tile size creating a DWORD registry key value   'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Global Mapper\GeoTIFFExport_TileSize' with the desired tile size (such as 256 for 256x256 tiles). I have already done it but I cannot get an image that actually has 10 tiles, when I try to open the image it loads more than 10 tiles. What could I do to generate the file I need?

Thanks in advance


  • hi
    file - export - export raster image format- geotiff - tiling - specifiy number of rows and columns  -
    row 10 
    columns 10 
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