New Guy: Is this possible in GM Scripting?

The main goal is to find all lidar points that fall below a 30 degree scan angle range and place those points into an existing classification (low point, noise) 

I am new to GM scripting, but for coding logic i understand i need to:

1. import the needed file 
2. loop over each of the points in the lidar file
3. use the LIDAR_SCAN_ANGLE_RANGE function to see if the point falls within the 30 degree range
4. use LIDAR_CLASSIFY to place all points from the LIDAR_SCAN_ANGLE_RANGE into an existing classification
5. export the lidar file with the newly classified points

Is this on the right track for this task? is this possible to do with GM scripting? If so, is there any external resources for how to use LIDAR_CLASSIFY and LIDAR_SCAN_ANGLE_RANGE inside of a GM script? 

Thank you, 



  • ColeCole Posts: 20
    Solved: This task can only be accomplished by taking points inside the range, then changing them to the 0 (never classified) class. A limitation of the GM scripting language is changing the points between classes.
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