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Dynamic shading based on fly through altitude

John Horrigan
John Horrigan Global Mapper User
Good morning everyone.  Disclaimer here, I am new to GM scripting and development, though fairly comfortable with other platforms.  That said, I may be asking something that is ridiculously simple or beyond the unreasonable/impossible. 

As part of flight path reconstruction and fly through, I would like to identify terrain clearance in relation to the current altitude on the flight path,  Stuff that is below by a certain amount, green or unshaded, stuff nearer to the flight path a different color, and terrain above the flight path in something like red.

The problem is that the terrain shading will change point by point in a climb or descent.  I realize this has the potential for huge computational loads.  The question though is, can it be done at all?


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  • aaronc
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    I moved this discussion to the GM Script Language category You might find some more relevant help here.

    - Aaron


  • aaronc
    aaronc Trusted User
    Hello John,

    Can I get a little more info on your workflow?  Are you looking to do this in the application or are you planning on making your own application to do this?

  • John Horrigan
    John Horrigan Global Mapper User
    Hi Aaron.  Thanks for your reply.  My preference is to do this within GM.  I don't (yet) have a developer licence, so at this point scripting is it.

    In essence, I have a 3D flight path (lat, long, abs altitude) and I would like to use that absolute altitude as a determinant for a shader.  Not sure if that helps, just let me know.

  • John Horrigan
    John Horrigan Global Mapper User
    Thank you!
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