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I am using GM to contour drone collected point clouds which involves a lot (a lot!) of iterations of point cloud cleaning, gridding, and contouring and have a few feature suggestions/requests:

1. Retain all of the options selected in the Create Elevation Grid and Create Contours dialog boxes to be persistent, so the next time you open them the options last used are there.  Especially the "Grid Bounds" and "Contour Bounds". Currently in Gridding, the grid spacing always reverts to Auto.  In Create Contours the Contour interval,  x and y axis, the checkbox for "Discard Closed Lines Shorter than X meters" (while we're at it, it would be nice to have this value in the current display units rather than always in meters)

2. Allow selection of the Cropping Area feature within the dialog box under  Contour Bounds and Grid Bounds.  Almost every time I open one of the dialog boxes, i have to close it and go select my Cropping Area feature and then reopen it because forgot to select it again.  Better yet, also retain that cropping setting from the last time the dialog box was opened.

3. Include the Grid and Contour generation settings that were used to generate them in the metadata of the resultant feature layer, including the time and date.  Perhaps even include the feature layers that were used as input data to create them too.
An option to include them in the name of the feature would be handy too.  For example, I typically name them something like "Grid 5/2 1:44 2x2 ND 16.1"  for a grid created May 2 at 1:44pm with 2x2 spacing and No Data set to 16.1, and "Cont 5/2 1:50 2x2 Disc 2.5 s=.010"   The time is there so I know which grid version I made it from.




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    Any response...?
  • mcweb
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    I have run across the same problems. I think they are all good ideas. Maybe, a "Save Settings" to a file option too.
  • TRB426
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    Good idea mcweb.   My 2nd item, allowing selection of the cropping area while still in the Generate Contours dialog box, has been partially addressed with the new option "Use Layer Bounds"  which allows cropping to the limits of a particular layer, but sadly no response on the other items.
  • Best "suggestion" post I've read on these forums.  Love it.