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Path Profile - Perpendicular Sections: consistent scale

kfroese Geotechnical EngineerTrusted User
I have been using the perpendicular sections option in the Path Profile window. It is fantastic for moving along a highway alignment to check potential cut/fill heights when planning drilling programs. However, I was slightly frustrated with the auto-scaling of the window. As it adjusts to fit the data, the spacing between the grid lines changes which meant I had to double-check everything I wanted to know a fill height. It would be great if there was an option to keep the grid line interval constant (like 1m) - even if the distance on the screen scaled up and down to fit the data, at least I'd know that an embankment slope covering 3.5 lines is 3.5m. As it stands, it is sometimes 1m, sometimes 2.5m, sometimes 5m depending on the relative max and min elevations.
Thanks for considering!


  • Does it help if you define the scale factor in your Path Profile Settings dialogue? When I set my Scale Factor to 1 (1:1) my vertical and horizontal grid-lines remain constant as I move through the profiles.

    • When in Path Profile/Line of Sight dialogue:
    • Path Setup > Path Profile Settings
    • Under 'Elevation Range / Scale' check 'Match Elevation Scale to Distance Scale Using Scale Factor of'
    • Change scale to say 1 (which is 1:1)
  • kfroese
    kfroese Geotechnical Engineer Trusted User
    That does help somewhat and it depends on the circumstance. In the particular case I was thinking of, I was following a road centreline over hilly terrain. Sometimes there wasn't much relief so I got 1 m spacing, sometimes there was lots so I got 2.5m grid spacing. Clamping the max/min elevations also helped sometimes until I went into a hill or valley which moved the terrain out of the elevation bracket I had set. Even if the scales are set to match, it might be nice to specify the interval - because the 2.5m spacing that seems to be pretty common is not convenient for ballparking heights quickly. 1m or 2m spacing would make the mental math much simpler.
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