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Buffer Area Creation so that 'Combine Overlapping Areas' will create split lines with attributes

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There are many times when I create a buffer that I want the attributes to be inherited from the source feature. I do this manually using the following process.

1. Select points and or lines and or areas.
1. Create buffer and DO NOT combine overlapping buffer areas
2. Create line features from buffer areas
3. Intersect and split the line features.
4. Manually delete the unnecessary line features so there is a single maximum buffer line. Spatially at this point it is the same as a combined AREA buffer. This the slowest part since there may be hundreds of slivers.

This results is a buffer line (not area). The benefit of lines is that each segment can now have its own attributes and I know what source feature created which portion of the maximum buffer and just how critical it is based on its length.

This is useful for maritime boundary creation (i.e. buffers) that use numerous coastline features (coastline, rocks, islands) and we document which part of the boundary came from which feature.

I created a test GMW file I will email you. This image shows an example where "Island A" and its contribution to the buffer is highlighted.



  • Jake
    Jake Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Related. Why does the 

    Finding the Intersection of Selected Area Features only work for 2 features?

    If it worked for 3 or more features it would simplify the above process
  • mcsmoother
    mcsmoother Global Mapper User
    I would like this feature as well. It would be very useful to my current workflow in Mapper
  • Are you able to post a GMW? I have a potential idea that might speed up part of your current workflow in the interim.
  • Not sure if any of this help - see video in folder.

    Might at least help with the extraction of the lines around the boundary. Also note that the buffers don't always overlap exactly causing problems with multiple lines crossing each other in the same area. Closing the gap seems to fix this nicely. Also note that there will be lines that still need to be processed due to overlapping buffers. No idea how to fix that sorry.
  • coelodonta
    coelodonta Global Mapper User
    Can you use the "create point features spaced along lines and areas" to help?  In my similar workflow i buffer a line without combining, then select all of the buffers, generate points along them, the points inherit the attribute of the buffer , then i re-buffer the original line , this time with a combined buffer, this acts as a guide line for me then i manually delete all of the points which do not sit on the combined buffer line. Thinking about it now, i could even automate that last manual bit too. I contour the points, but you could select the points and use the "create lines from selects points to get your lines back. 
  • Jake
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    Sorry, I did not get any notifications so I did not see these replies. I am working on something else right now but hope to get back to this issue later. Also, I have V21 now so I'll see if anything changed.
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