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pwave1 Global Mapper User
I've been working with GM Mobile as a test for high resolution RTK field data. I previously asked if the Mobile software allows for the higher resolution external GPS data, got an affirmative reply. However, when using the mobile app, the accuracy display states 10 m without regard to the input from the external receiver. It appears that the actual data being recorded are close to the cm accuracy of the external GPS receiver.  I understand from P. Shorey's earlier reply that, for now, export is 32-bit float. So, will have to deal with that until update.

Here is the question - After I export the .gmmp file back into GM the points are represented with x, y, z information (see example 1), however, when I attempt to export a .csv the lat/lon information is absent (see example 2). Is there something I can do in initial template design or export function to have lat/lon as an attribute?



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