Global Mapper v25.0

Ortho from point cloud

I have came across a problem. I have some point clouds with rgb + nir (stored in intensity) from a photogrammetric process. Globalmapper offers the funcionality to create an "elevation" raster from these point clouds ( Elevation Grid Creation Options --> Grid Type: Color (RGBI) ). My first question is, is this the only way at the moment to rasterize the pointcloud to get a quasi ortho. The other thing is, if I have lots of las files, add them to a map catalog and I tick "Use intensity as NIR" I cannot create a 4 channel raster out of this map catalog with the mentioned function. The only way it works if I export once the complete map catalog content and reimport then I can create 4 channel raster out them but not from original pointclouds (in the map catalog). This requires a complete duplication of data which is not convenient at all. Any suggestions? Thanks. ( GM 19.1 latest)