GM not saving settings

JSLJSL Global Mapper UserPosts: 422Trusted User
I'm having a problem with GM 18.2 not saving the configuration settings.  Every time I open a new instance of GM, I have to reset all the settings in the General->Measure/Units dialog box.  This didn't used to happen--any suggestions?  Could it be something in my Windows 10 computer?

It does save the setup of my toolbar.

Thanks for any help


  • AbdooshAbdoosh Posts: 7
    I've it as well on GM 20 & Win 10. 
  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,026

    I changed Area Units, Volume Units, Distance Units, and Calculation Type, then closed Global Mapper. When I reopened it, all of the changes I made were reflected in the General | Measure/Units screen. (I used Global Mapper v20.0.1 (b121018) (160) [64-bit] [+LIDAR] - REGISTERED). Can you be more specific about your work flow, and which properties are not being saved? Are you running multiple versions of Global Mapper? 


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