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pwave1 Global Mapper User
We recently acquired an EOS Arrow Gold RTK receiver that provides sub cm accuracy on position. It connects through bluetooth to most handheld devices. We would like to use GMM as the destination to record waypoints, tracks, etc. Is GMM able to handle and export the higher resolution positions? The alternative is ESRI Collector, which we are avoiding if necessary.

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  • PShorey
    PShorey Global Mapper Developer
    Accepted Answer
    The mobile app will accept whatever accuracy the system provides. However, export of vector features is currently limited to single precision (32-bit float) which may not provide the resolution you require. We recently added an option to export as double precision which will be available in the next release.


  • pwave1
    pwave1 Global Mapper User
    Dear PShorey - has the new release of GMM been released? We would like to export locations as double precision.
    Thank you,
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